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Water Mist system



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Water mist is a fire control and extinguishing system. It uses water divided into drops smaller than 1000 microns, in this way, fire cooling, oxygen displacement because of generated vapor and attenuation of radiant heat are produced.FPA 750 and EN14972 rules state the minimum criteria for the use of mist water and its installation. Designs and installations should be performed in accordance with such rules, taking into account the manufacturers’ guidelines and design, who should be provided with documents, trials and assembly, operation and placing manuals for the equipment according to tested risks.

Water efficiency is based on the joint action of 3 different actions:

  • Cooling by heat absorption,
  • Evaporation Attenuation of heat transmission, radiation
  • Oxygen displacement in the fire seat, dilution


High pressure microaqua system has been developed according to NFPA 750 standard.
It comprises a group of equipment providing complete solutions.

In order to meet the market needs microaqua system is made up of:

  • Detection device and extinguishing control certified EN12094-1.
  • Different open and closed diffusers providing solutions for different types of risk and fire.
  • Nozzles mounted at the heads, with variety of flows and drop sizes.
  • Pumping units, equipped for different flows.
  • Reserve water tanks.
  • High pressure bottles.
  • Selector valves.
  • Accessories.


microaqua system provides safety in three fundamental aspects:

Safety for people: If a chance discharge is produced, microaqua offers complete safety. Apart from being harmless, its capacity for decanting fumes eliminates drastically the possibility for intoxication in people and pollution in the equipment.

Safety for the equipment: microaqua uses very little water so, no harm is produced in electronic equipment.

Safety for the environment: microaqua system only uses water and nitrogen, two components which mean no risk.



  • Economy of the extinguishing agent.
  • Minimum damages are produced in the protected risk.
  • 100% ecologic.
  • Safe for exposed people and for protected equipments.
  • Drastic temperature reduction in the protected risk.
  • Effective for liquid, flammable and deep fires.
  • Fume and toxic gas control.
  • No 100% sealing in the place is required.
  • Easy maintenance and charging.