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To know more about the FLYSAFE™ systems supplied by us
Inert Gas Systems


Inert gases are successfully employed for  fire protection.
The Safe group of companies has developed the FLYSAFE™ product line of Inert gas extinguishing systems as follows:

  • FLYSAFE™  IG 01 (100% Argon) – 80 lt. & 140 lt. capacity cylinders.
  • FLYSAFE™  IG 55 ( 50% Argon – 50% Nitrogen) – 80 lt. & 140 lt. capacity cylinders.
  • FLYSAFE™ IG 100 ( 100% Nitrogen) – 80 lt. & 140 lt. capacity cylinders.
All the FLYSAFE™ Inert gas systems are engineered and manufactured  according to the current standards NFPA 2001, EN 15004.
The components are EN 12094 approved and the cylinders are TPED or DOT approved.

Two lines of products are available: FLYSAFE™ at 200 bar cylinder pressure and FLYSAFE™ at 300 bar cylinder pressure.

The most advanced hydraulic calculation software are used by the Safe group: UL listed and FM approved. Another software used  by the Safe group is VdS approved.

A special Inert gas system line of products is available as well: Argonite (IG 55) at 200 bar cylinder pressure, with components and hydraulic calculation software UL listed and FM approved. This products line is manufactured by Chemetron Fire Systems. The Safe group is taking care of this product line in several countries.

Gallery Inert Gas Systems supplied by the Safe group of companies