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Dry Powder systems


Dry powder is one of the most effective extinguishing media and it is used for the extinguishment of several types of fires.
Several applications are possible:

  • Fire protection of fuel pump dike areas
  • Fire protection of flammable liquid spills in general
  • Fire protection of gas spills
  • Other special applications in fire protection
The Safe group has developed several solutions of various dry powder systems, all tailor made, and among them, a strong specialization has been achieved in the:
  • Protection against fire with dry powder  in case of gas spill from the safety valves of LPG / LNG tanks. All these units are completely manufactured  in Explosion proof execution, according to the required standards and class of protection.
  • Protection against fire with dry powder on flammable liquids, with portable or fixed units type “Twin Agent”, combined with AFFF foam.

To know more about the Dry Powder Systems supplied by us , contact our Sales Dept.

Gallery Dry Powder system supplied by the Safe group of companies