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To know more about the FM-200® systems supplied by us
FM-200® systems


FM-200® is a clear , environmentally friendly clean agent. This extinguishing agent belongs to the family of the HFC (hydro fluorine carbons). The moderate environmental characteristics , the valid extinguishing performances and the worldwide approvals released by the major agencies make this product as internationally recognized. Thousands and thousands of FM-200® systems are installed in almost every country in the world.


Our company has included these type of clean agent systems in its product line since the year 1995.

More than 5.000 cylinders with more than 500.000 kg. of FM-200® extinguishing agent have been successfully supplied and installed by the Safe group in more than 20 countries.

Safe Antincendi has always used only the original FM-200® extinguishing agent, previously manufactured by Great Lakes Chemical Corporation, now manufactured by DuPont™, for the systems supplied, in order to guarantee the best quality performances.

Other detailed information about FM-200® extinguishing agent can be obtained from the manufacturer website.

The Safe group of companies is currently supplying two lines of FM-200® systems:

  • The Chemetron FM-200® systems, UL listed, FM approved, EN 12094 , 25 bar storage pressure.
  • The Kidde Deugra FM-200® systems, VdS approved, EN 12094 , 42 bar storage pressure.


Gallery FM-200® systems supplied by the Safe group of companies