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Safe Antincendi S.p.A. has acquired extensive experience in the development of water mist systems in collaboration with the Danish company Danfoss Fire Safety A/S, proposing solutions based on the principles described below, which perfectly reflect the company’s philosophy.

A water mist system is based on the ability to split droplets of water into micro-droplets and direct them at high speed toward the site of the fire. Splitting water essentially means using it more efficiently to extinguish the fire.

The fire suppression mechanisms of a Water Mist system are in fact:

  • Radiant heat attenuation;
  • Local inerting;
SEM-SAFE® Systems

Fire damage represents a threat to human life, cultural heritage and industrial assets, private and company property and even our environment.

Thanks to its proven success in both commercial and industrial applications, the SEM-SAFE® water mist system is the ideal solution for fire suppression systems in museums and heritage sites, industrial applications in office buildings, universities and wind turbines.

Why? Because the SEM-SAFE® system offers better protection with respect to existing water-based systems, despite being 100% eco-friendly, harmless for users and having a much lower impact on buildings and interiors.

How? By significantly reducing the costs of the life cycle, damage to resources and downtime in all “critical business” applications, offering the best protection of irreplaceable valuable objects, thus achieving a significantly higher cost/benefit ratio as compared to traditional systems.

Safe Antincendi S.p.A. and Danfoss Fire Safety A/S put no limits on protection with the SEM-SAFE® system, able to protect everything from the smallest archive to an entire complex such as a hotel or skyscraper, using a single system.

1.Atria – 2.Galleries and museums – 3.Hotels – 4.Garages– 5.Tunnels – 6.Motors and generators – 7.Office buildings – 8.Schools – 9.Cable tunnels – 10.Production lines – 11.Industrial fryers – 12.Hospitals – 13.Wooden lofts – 14.Libraries and archives – 15.Wind and gas turbines – 16.Data processing centres – 17.Paint booths – 18.Transformers

Designing a safer future

From a modern skyscraper to the most cutting-edge university, an ancient wooden church to a super hospital and the busiest international airport, the SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system is the best fire safety solution for every type of building.

We work internally on the research, development and production of fire safety components in order to guarantee utmost performance and cost-effective systems. This allows us to consolidate our long-term technological leadership.

All designed and installed SEM-SAFE® Water Mist systems are subjected to the strictest international certification criteria, to always guarantee utmost safety and efficiency in the fight against fires.

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