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SAFEGUARD® Fire Extinguishing System for Protection of Commercial Cooking Equipment

Cooking equipment to be protected

  1. Duct
  2. Hood
  3. Hood filter
  4. Grill
  5. Tumble pan
  6. Cooker
  7. Counter tops
  8. Deep fryer

Extinguishing system equipment

  1. Agent container
  2. Discharge pipes
  3. Discharge nozzles
  4. Fire detection line (fusible links are no necessary for the SAFEGUARD system)
  5. Manual actuation
  6. End line with pressure gauge
  7. Gas shut off valve (optional)
Extinguishing agent and containers SAFEGUARD®

The key of the SAFEGUARD suppression system is a specially designed wetting agent, based on a low pH potassium salt with valid extinguishing characteristics on the liquid or solid cooking grease fires, named GUARDEX.
GUARDEX containers

  • Permanent pressure type – 4 sizes: 6 lt. – 9,5 lt. – 14,5 lt. – 18,0 lt.
  • External pressurization cartridge – 2 sizes: 25 lt. – 50 lt.

The GUARDEX containers are manufactured with Nickel Chrome steel alloy, in order to avoid corrosion problems.
The pre-engineered systems foresee 6 to 44 nozzles.

Characteristics of the fire protection system
  • Extinguishing liquid with low pH value
  • Pre-Engineered systems
  • Six different system options :pressurized or with pressurization cartridge
  • Simple to install
  • Green technology
  • Easy cleaning and refilling
  • Meeting the requirements of UL-300 / NFPA 17A / NFPA 96
  • Complies to 97/23/EC PED, with CE marking
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