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During the last fifteen years, from the beginning of the Halon 1301 phase out, the gas extinguishing systems were subject to a great evolution. Several products – the clean agents – went on the market, each of them having different characteristics and related advantages and disadvantages.

Two main categories of clean agents are available: the halocarbons and the inert gases:

  • The halocarbons, having a consistent environmental impact.
  • The inert gases, having high operating pressure and an elevate number of pressure cylinders required with the consequent space occupancy necessity.

Some years ago, the company 3M™ developed the Novec™1230 extinguishing agent, that is the sole product belonging to the halocarbons group having perfect environmental characteristics and very good extinguishing performances, all without the typical drawbacks of the other clean agents actually available.

The Safe group of companies included these systems in its product line since the year 2005 and till now more than 100 Novec™1230 systems have been supplied in several countries.

The Safe group of companies is currently supplying two lines of Novec™1230 systems:

  • The Chemetron Novec™1230 systems, UL listed, FM approved, EN 12094.
  • The Kidde Deugra Novec™1230 systems, VdS approved, EN 12094.
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