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Carbon dioxide , stored in large capacity refrigerated tanks, provides a perfect solution for the protection of:

  • Coal handling and storage systems
  • Food industry
  • Storage areas of flammable materials
  • Machinery spaces, land and marine
  • Cement manufacturing plants
  • Power generation units
  • Many other applications where large volumes must be protected

These systems are mainly used for the protection of large industrial applications.
The system consist of a single refrigerated pressure vessel complete with various control and valve distribution units. Liquid carbon dioxide is kept at the low temperature of approx. –18°C and at a pressure of approx. 20.5 bar. Various types of actuations are available: automatic, manual / electric, direct manual. A pneumatic discharge delay system is installed, complete with odorizer, in order to prevent the immediate discharge into occupied areas and consequently to grant to the personnel the necessary time for the evacuation before the release of the system. This procedure is absolutely necessary because the foreseen extinguishing concentration ( 34% in accordance to NFPA standard) will not support human life. The tendency of carbon dioxide is to migrate to low level areas, therefore several monitoring and warning systems are installed for that reason too.

The storage tanks comply to the current international pressure vessel regulations.

Low pressure carbon dioxide systems for fire protection are engineered, manufactured, supplied, installed and serviced by the Safe group in several countries.

Systems from 2.000 kg. till 20.000 kg. single vessel capacity are available.

To know more about the Low Pressure C02 Systems supplied by us, contact our Sales Dept.

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