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Foam systems are world widely known as the best fire extinguishing application for the protection of :

  • Petroleum refineries & petrochemical plants
  • Flammable liquid tank farms
  • Oil jetties
  • Chemical industries
  • Flammable liquid storage areas
  • Many other industrial applications

Three basic components are necessary: foam concentrate, water, air. When these three components are correctly and continuously mixed, it is obtained an homogeneous foam blanket that, delivered on the burning substance, extinguishes the flames through the mechanism of cooling, of separation of the flame source from the oxygen, of suppression of the vapors.

A wide range of components is necessary to have available a good foam system: foam mixers, bladder tanks, foam branch pipes, foam nozzles, foam monitors, etc.

A proper foam concentrate, with a proper mixing concentration – generally from 1% to 6% – must be chosen. Particular care must be taken to the choice of type of foam concentrate , that depends from the type of fire to be extinguished: fluorine protein foam, synthetic foam, aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) foam, pseudo plastic foam.

Our team is capable to assist you for the right choice of the foam concentrate and of the related foam system components.

The foam suppression systems engineered, supplied, installed and serviced by the Safe group follows the current standards of NFPA 11 and the European standards.

To know more about the Foam Suppression Systems supplied by us, contact our Sales Dept.

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